About Oxford Training and Certification

Our founder

Our founder is passionate about providing safe and effective Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT). After her daughter lost most cognitive functions due to viral encephalitis, Tami had little hope for recovery. Then, she learned about HBOT while searching for anything that might help her daughter’s quality of life. Through her perseverance, Tami found a doctor willing to treat her daughter. The results were remarkable.

After just a few dives, she could sit up. In a week she was standing. After a few weeks, she was walking. At the end of her HBOT regimen, she danced The Nutcracker. Today, Tami’s daughter is a vibrant adult with culinary arts and bachelor’s degrees.

Tami’s desire is for no mother to experience the hopelessness she went through. After opening a successful free-standing hyperbaric medicine facility, The Oxford Center, our founder realized certification programs were only available for those affiliated with hospitals.

Oxford Training and Certification was created to not only offer the highest quality education and training to hospital staff, but to professionals in free-standing clinics as well. It is our goal to ensure there is an ample supply of qualified professionals delivering hyperbaric medicine and providing safe and effective healing to everyone in need.