Oxford Training and Certification is an international hyperbaric training organization.

The mission of Oxford Training and Certification is to ensure the safe, effective operation of hyperbaric medicine. We train and certify qualified professionals in various fields of hyperbaric medicine to maintain the highest standards and quality of care. Unlike other training and certification programs, we include free-standing hyperbaric centers and clinics, not just hospitals. Our goal is to not only make hyperbaric medicine safe and effective, but to also make it accessible. 


Oxford Training and Certification has developed courses to provide instruction in the field of hyperbaric medicine. 

Why Get Certified?

Oxford Training and Certification is setting the bar for the practice of hyperbaric medicine by setting the highest standards for safe and effective operation of hyperbaric chambers.

By achieving International Certified Hyperbaric Technologist (ICHT) certification, the world will know you have followed a vigorous training regimen and adhere to a strict code of conduct to deliver the best hyperbaric medicine care. 

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